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Sleep is for the trusting… April 16, 2013

Posted by tharinid in Divine Inspiration.

I saw a picture of a sleeping baby recently. All wrapped tight as a bundle, snuggled in the cocoon of its own warmth and radiating peace. And underneath the picture, the caption..“Sleep is for the trusting.” 

And that line stayed with me. Just as did the image of that baby, eyes tightly closed, completely oblivious to itself. in that complete act of surrender.
And I realise that this is a profound truth. Sleep IS for the trusting. It is actually a good barometer to measure our level of surrender of the mind, of the identity, of the thoughts, of the sense of doership. The ones who can lay down that mind as a tool that needs to be set away after use, can sleep in good measure. They can enjoy the bliss of lying curled up at the feet of the Master and feel the comfort that He is there to watch over you, while you stop looking. If your surrender is deep enough, you might even enjoy that state of being dead to the world. Where the last thing you remember when you wake up….is falling asleep.
But most of us are not like that. Or we are not YET like that. We awaken several times during the night, we have different stages of sleep which we drift in and out of, we have dreams and nightmares, we have nature’s calls and devices by our bedside, and after all that, when that final beep of the alarm goes off, we feel like we’ve been put through the wringer. And the sense of doership is back in full force, ever ready to claim its stake on you.
Sleep is all about trust. It is about security. It is about the peace within your heart. It is about the love that you have for everyone, beginning with you.
When you sleep, leaving aside thoughts and reminiscences and plans, you are following the ‘dharma’ of that action. You are being one with that moment, and true to the act of that moment.
When you leave your mind aside as a tool that needs to be picked up only the next morning, you give your body and self a chance to rest and reconnect with the power source and that is ‘non-violence’. Where you stop self-inflicting.
When you have ‘peace’ and ‘love’ in your heart, radiating outwards touching everyone in the day just passed, you sleep better. If there has to be final thoughts before drifting, let it be of the gentle kind, stirring your senses only lightly leaving you in a deeper sense of peace. And gratitude for the day and everything in it, is your ‘love’ offering.
And after all this, when you achieve that state of deep sleep, of complete restiveness, even if for a short time, that is the moment of ‘truth’. When self and Self are one. When being unites with the Maker. When Jiva touches Paramatma.


1. Taa's mom - June 9, 2013

hi Tharini, do you guys go to Balavihar. Recently I attended a camp of Chinmaya Mission on Upadesa Saara by Ramana Maharishi and by god, it was really awakening…

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