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A merging of two parallel streams of truth in my Conscious mind… November 6, 2012

Posted by tharinid in Divine Inspiration.

The Universe has this unique nature. It is an abundance of Love that wants to pour itself into wherever is an empty space or cavern of thought. It is ever waiting on you….for just a sign, a nod, a look of recognition, so it can come rushing to you, to grant you what you need, what you want even. The only problem is the blocks we set up against it. The walls we erect, the seeming impossibilities of conscious, limited, mental thought….where we insert our narrow parameters and expect wonders even from that place of restriction.

How is that possible? How is a miracle possible if it cannot expand, and move and careen into oblivion, beyond your notions of belief into the wild expanse of faith and hope and faith? Instead it can only bounce off of the 4 walls we have resurrected for it. And as with anything inside a box, it slowly loses momentum and dies. Taking a part of our hope with it. Leaving behind this dull ache of bitterness. Of cynicism. And hardness in the name of toughness.

The Bhagavad Gita had it right. Its main tenet is to lose the attachment to the result. Do your duty….but don’t wait on the result or expect it to be a certain way. Do and then Drop everything else after that. There is a reason for this. A beautiful, logical, scientific reason. Its not just a thing of nobility of character or a measure of the degree of our surrender. It is in fact pointing us to this very nature of the Universe. This beautiful maternal, paternal, eternal provider that wants to love, and without cessation, without encumbrance.

And our notion of a fixed result is that encumberance. Our fixation on that one ideal outcome is one of the 4 walls we have erected. The other 3 walls, are from our own Ego…our own sense of limited self that wants to stay within one body….one frame….one mind. That we cannot avoid, having born into a worldly realm and afforded a body to express our longing of Union. But that one remaining wall….that we have a say over. That we can ‘choose’ not to erect. That is our free will….and we can free our will away from building that wall. So that our longing…can escape into the Universe, gleefully out of our reach….where it is received with an eagerness of reunion….cuddled and asked to rest, for now the Provider can provide. With every resource at its disposal, It can stream and channel it in our direction….in a manner that we could not even have imagined, in our wildest dreams (because of our 3 walls)….full of love, and of a longing of love.

And here we are….carrying on the mantle of daily living….our faith and hope constant companions that makes us weep and laugh, exult and exhaust…patient and impatient. And there it comes….slowly and rapidly….simply and startlingly….awakening and calming….in the e.x.a.c.t manner in which we need it. When the desired meets the desirer….ah that Union!!! Ah the fireworks of that union that intermittently shines the light on the dark places….illuminating it before dying out. But not before you have seen what lay there.

From this is born a greater hope. A greater faith. Because Awareness has come into contact with Understanding of the ways of the Universe. The acquaintance turns into a friendship….the slow burn kind….taking agonising days, weeks, lifetimes, lightyears…..but growing steadily in intimacy. The love affair is now blatant and presumptuous and you start to take very many things for granted, but tempered with every sense of secret gratitude, because of the infallible nature of this Universe. Everytime you fall, it will be there to catch you. Everytime you want, it will be there to provide you. Everytime you take a risk, it will be there to buffer you with more than what you were willing to lose. And the adventure can begin….






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