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Chanting the Gayatri… January 7, 2010

Posted by tharinid in Divine Inspiration.

This is something I have taken up recently. Somehow when we chant the Gayatri at the Sai Center after bhajans, I find myself so itching and impatient to get it over and done with, and can barely wait for the 9th time of it to be over. So its a little surprising that it is this mantra that I took to for namasmarana.

I say this at times when my mind is disturbed, and influenced adversely by the words of people, or by my own wayward thoughts. And it happens often. Especially the latter. At first, I rush to it, like its my last refuge before the madness takes over. I literally plunge right into it, like a pool of ice cold water. And come up bursting for air after that initial shock of cold impact. I keep chanting it feverishly, the actions mechanical, not really concentrating on the words of the sound they make. 5-6 repetitions later, my heart is beating more normally, but the mind is still wandering. Back to the very same thoughts that prompted this self rescue mission in the first place. It is amazing how your lips can do one thing perfectly, and your mind another, both at the same time. Even with a mantra. At around the 9th repetition is when the power of the mantra steals over me and totally calms me down. The feeling is distinctly palpable, the difference in demeanour is that marked. It’s like my body temperature has adjusted to the temperature of the water, and finds itself floating, arms spread out, looking outward, but focussing inward.

By this time, my negative feelings have dissipated. The mind has found a tether, and a smile comes over my face. It’s the smile of peace. It’s enchantingly beautiful. Why would I ever want to leave this place?

I have read a lot about the power of mantra and till recently, that knowledge remained theoretical. Now, I understand how easily it can be practically applied to the challenges of daily life. Imagine having the resource within yourself, to get to a place where you find peace, emulate that peace, radiate that peace and finally become it?!

Saying a mantra isn’t a new age notion, set to modern music, nor is it just an ancient one of eternal wisdom. It is one of the simplest paths to peace, and just within reach. Try it.

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1. Gauri - January 11, 2010

The Gayatri is the mantra I’ve clung to for dear life :).

Yes – the feeling of peace that overwhelms and encompasses when I’m in the realm of the Gayatri Mantra has to be experienced to be believed.

I would venture far enough to say that it actually introduces and reintroduces one to that core of strength that every human has within himself/herself.

2. Kowsalya - January 18, 2010

I have never tried Gayathri but I say this “Gajananam Bhoodha Ganadhi Sevitham..” often. I say it even when i am inside a vishnu, shiva or amman temple. The deity in the temple is not important to me – if i have to say any sloka it is only THIS. I don’t know why. I use this everytime, everywhere and for me its not 9 but 18. I have not tried it to seek peace. i use it whenever i am scared or i find myself in a situation where my actions are not going to help like when someone close to me is in deep trouble or when abi is sick or when i am facing a new situation or silly when the current goes off in the middle of the night and everytime i have wondered how the current comes back when i just finish the sloka the eighteenth time :)

Suresh - January 4, 2011

Hmm… I should take you to my home town in India where there is no current (or electricity as we call it) for 10 hours a day every day of the year.

Sorry the pun was intended… only to point out the difference between shraddha and andh-shraddha.

3. Tharini - January 25, 2010

G : Clung to for dear life, sounds about right. I know that feeling.

K : Amazing. That the lights come on exactly after the 18th time. Wow.

4. RK - May 4, 2010

vow Tharini

I read your winkiesway blog regularly. And today I happened to come here by chance. The link to this blog was always there. But I thought I am still not matured enough to this spiritual blog. And today I was very disturbed. Unable to concentrate on work I was blog hopping. And I found this very basic lesson of chanting mantra. I had done it in childhood. But stopped in teens assuming the sanskrit that I donot understand cant be of any help. And now I realise that the path to peace is to stick to one’s basic values and good habits learnt in childhood.
Thanks for that beautiful post.

tharinid - May 4, 2010

Hi RK,

This is always what amazes me. When all one needs is a small little trigger, and the inner wisdom speaks from inside and guides you. I loved how you introspected and concluded that what you have learned in your childhood can anchor you even now.

God Bless you,

5. Katie - September 2, 2010

I sing the Gayatri 11 times every morning as part of my guru sadhana. It does come from inside this Love. Thanks for your post. Yogachakra x

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